How to Pass WAEC: 2020/2021 WAEC Examination Guide

How to pass WAEC examination: It is truism that WAEC examination is one of the most difficult and compulsory examination for gaining admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia and Seral Leone. This is so because, the examination body is the only internationally recognized examination body in Africa. Thus, students who decides not to take WAEC examination or fail to perform excellently well in the examination, may not be able to gain admission into international schools like Harvard university, University of London, Cambridge university etc.

Recently I noticed that WAEC examination is really giving many students headache and that was why I decided to sit down and compile some tentative tips that can really help to any candidate to pass WAEC excellently. The aim of this work is to help in the reduction of the usual high number of failures in WAEC examination by disclosing to candidates what they should know to pass WAEC examination.

how to pass WAEC
how to pass WAEC

Facts about WAEC examination

  • WAEC stands for the West African Examination Council. It is an examination body that is recognized for conducting examination into tertiary institutions in five west African countries. I.e Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia, serial Lenoe.
  • Among all the examination body in Africa, WAEC is the most widely recognized amongst them. Thus, it is one of the most accepted in foreign countries like UK, Canada, China etc.
  • Unlike JAMB and Post UTME Examination in some universities, WAEC is a totally handwritten examination with Objects and Essay questions. The way to study for JAMB is quite different from the way to prepare for JAMB and post UTME.
  • WAEC examination papers are not marked by computers or machines. They are marked by teachers who have been approved to do so by WAEC.
  • During registration for WAEC examination, Candidates must just at least 8 subjects, or at most 9 subjects in the examination.
  • Depending of the timetable provided for the year, it is possible for a student to have more than one examination papers in a day.
  • It is possible to have straight A’s in WAEC examination if you study and make good use of the tips I am going to share in this article.
  • Since 2017, WAEC has taken steps to curb examination malpractice as that is hurting the prestige of the examination body. In light of that, it is impossible to cheat and pass WAEC examination these days.
  • After WAEC examination, results are usually released in less than 90 days. However, this date may still be changed by the examination body if it deems fit.

Materials needed to prepare for WAEC

Materials to pass waec examination
Materials to pass waec examination

Below are the materials you will need to prepare and pass WAEC examination:

WAEC past questions and answers: To pass WAEC, the first and most important thing you need is WAEC past questions and answers. It has been confirmed that WAEC repeats about 60% of its questions every year and so, it is essential to get WAEC past questions and answers.

Recommended textbooks by WAEC: Aside from past questions and answers, i conducted a little research about how WAEC examination are framed, and 8 discovered that WAEC usually ask their questions Word to Word from previously asked ones.

Study timetable: A timetable is undoubtedly very important to also pass WAEC examination. This is so because WAEC candidates are required to take at least 8 subjects in their WAEC examination. Having a time table will help you prepare assiduously for the examination.

WAEC syllabus for all subject: If you do not have your WAEC syllabus yet, you are making a very big mistake. WAEC syllabus is not only important, it is a must and an essential requirement to pass WAEC examination. In WAEC syllabus, you will see the grading system for each subject, the type of questions to expect for every subject and the to prepare for them.

If you have a complete list of the above materials or some of them, you can now proceed to prepare for WAEC examination.

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How to pass WAEC

Below are the things you need to prepare and pass WAEC examination:

  1. Kill your fear and build your confidence
  2. Start planning for success now
  3. Create a reading timetable
  4. Give more time to difficult subjects
  5. Study with WAEC past questions and answers
  6. Cover at least 70% of your syllabus
  7. Pay attention to little instructions
  8. Learn how to answer WAEC questions perfectly
  9. Forget about miracle centers, they don’t work these days
  10. Always come early to your examination center

Above are the things you need to do to prepare very well and pass WAEC examination. However, as we continue I am going to give you a detailed explanation of the above tips so enable you understand them very well.

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1. Kill your fear and build your confidence

It is not going to be easy but you really need to kill fear if you really want to pass WAEC examination. When I took my WAEC in 2017, it wasn’t easy for me because everybody I new wrote WAEC two to three time (Including my elder brother).

I had to fight the fear of failure myself because I new how destructive it is. Fear is failure itself and if you don’t fight it by building your confidence, it is going to lead you to failure.

Now you may be asking; “How do I handle fear during WAEC examination?“. There is not other way to kill fear than reading your books very hard. Believe it or not, only those who had read thoroughly for WAEC can go into the examination hall with all the confidence they need to pass the examination.

2. Start planning for success now:

There is no best time to start preparing for WAEC than now. You don’t have to wait until it is three weeks or four weeks before the examination. As you may know, WAEC is a very taught exam because questions are usually picked from several topics and asked in the examination.

This is the key reason WAEC you should start preparing for WAEC now. If you really want to cover the required topics, you must not hesitate.

Note that I am not trying to say that there is actually a time to start preparing for WAEC. If you have just three to four weeks left before the examination, you can still pass if you do the right thing. The point here is that you need to start preparing as early as possible.

3. Create a reading timetable

Taking 8 or 9 subjects in just one examination will be challenging if you don’t have a reading or study plan. That study plan is your time table. You need to create a timetable to pass WAEC examination because it will help you to cover a lot of topics in every subject.

Take for example, when I was preparing for WAEC in 2017, I had all the time to prepare but I found out that I was still lacking behind in important subjects so I had to create a timetable.

After creating my timetable, I found out that it helped me to study equally for every subject and also kept me organized.

So, I am recommending that you create a reading timetable now if you don’t have one already.

4. Give more time to difficult subjects

In the process of creating your personal reading timetable, it is also advisable to give more time to difficult subjects. I don’t know the subject that is actually difficult to you so I can’t tell you the particular subject you must give enough time.

For me, i gave more of my time to Literature-in-English because it was my biggest problem. In fact, I had to get a lesson teacher who I paid to teach me only literature so that I can pass the subject since it is a necessity to study law, my dream course. Eventually, following this guide actually paid off because I had a “B Grade” in my WAEC result.

Since I started this platform, this had been my advice to students seeking to know how they can pass a particular subject in WAEC. The answer is simple. Just focus on those that subject more than any other subject.

Remember that you must not also neglect others. Just make sure you give more time to that subject in your timetable.

5. Study with WAEC past questions and answers

If you have started studying for WAEC already and you are not using WAEC syllabus, you are not doing yourself any good.

The fact that WAEC repeats questions is obviously not a new fact to any WAEC candidate so it is wrong if you don’t have your WAEC past questions and answers yet.

In addition to this, studying and preparing with WAEC past questions and answers helps to make inexperienced candidates to understand the way WAEC questions are structured. So you see, if you really want to pass the impending WAEC examination, you need WAEC past questions and answers.

Secret for Passing WAEC Examination
Secret for Passing WAEC Examination

6. Cover at least 70% of your syllabus

It is fine if you don’t cover 100% of all the subjects in your syllabus because not even all of them will be asked in the examination. Nonetheless, if you don’t cover at least 70% then you are already jeopardizing your chances of success.

The heads of WAEC board are wise and they know that candidates may not be able to cover everything in the syllabus. What they actually expect from you is 60% to 70%. If you can do that then you are good to go.

But don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to say that anybody that doesn’t cover 70% will fail WAEC. This point is only trying to explain that candidates must cover as much topic as they can.

7. Pay attention to little instructions

Sometimes, is would cause you to fail WAEC examination is not because you failed to prepare but because you failed to follow simple instructions during the examination. Remember that instructions are also key part of every examination. Don’t try to neglect little instruction because you are putting your success in danger.

When you are asked to write your name in capital letters, don’t hesitate to do so. If you are not supposed to write in margin lines, don’t make the mistake of violating that instruction.

Basically, the reason why you shouldn’t joke with simple instructions is because, while some teachers may want to overlook it, some may not. And if you are unfortunate, you will lose your marks for not following instructions.

8. Learn how to answer WAEC questions perfectly

As explained above, WAEC is a handwritten examination and a substantial part of the questions asked requires understanding of some common English language.

Take for instance, WAEC usually use words like; “Define”, “Describe”, “Explain”, “List”, “List and discuss” or “Highlight” when asking questions.

How to prepare for WAEC examination
How to prepare for WAEC examination

Now if you must pass a question that is framed using any of the above word, you need to under what it means. This is not going to be easy by your can go a long way by using WAEC past questions and answers. Simply look at the way questions are asked and answered and you will learn a lot.

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9. Forget about miracle centers, they don’t work these days

If you think it is possible to pass WAEC examination in a miracle center through examination malpractice, you are deceiving yourself. Gone are those days where anyone that take WAEC examination in a miracle center can easily pass the examination by engaging in malpractices.

It is better to note that now or you will face the consequences later. My junior brother took WAEC in a miracle center just last year and the result of ever candidate in that center was seized by WAEC. Even till today, we are sti hoping that his own result will be released in future.

I am sure you don’t want such thing to happen to you and that is why i decided to discuss it here. Frankly speaking, if you want to pass WAEC forget about miracle centers or examination malpractice. It does not work again. Just read your books and do everything shared on this article.

steps to prepare for WAEC examination
steps to prepare for WAEC examination

10. Always come early to your examination center

In any examination you want to pass, you must always come early to your exam center. Many students usually joke with this tip and I must tell you that most of them fail WAEC because of it.

During my WAEC examination in 2017, there was a particular student that came 1 hour, 10 minutes after the exam. She came to the hall crying and begging the invigilators to extend her time, but they couldn’t because they also have a time limit for submitting their questions.

Eventually, she only answered 2 out of 5 questions in the examination and failed the subject.

Now, the truth is that, I didn’t tell you this to scare you but to make you understand the importance of coming to your examination hall on time.

Aside from not missing you papers, doing this will help you to prepare your brain and mind for every examination.

I do it a lot and I must confess that it is one of my secrets for passing every examination. No matter what, I must be at the environment of my examination center 1:30 minutes before the examination begins.

This is how far I can go in explaining how to prepare and pass WAEC examination. I believe that these tips can help you pass the impending WAEC examination no matter the time you start preparing. All you need to do is to follow my guidelines strictly and pray to God for help. Trust me, it will end in praise.

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