How to Prepare for Law Firm Interviews

If you have been seeking to know how to prepare for an interview as a lawyer or law student who want to apply for internship, this article explains how to prepare for law firm interviews and perform excellently. I enjoin you to read this article painstakingly so you won’t miss out any point.

Job scarcity has been a major problem all over the world. It has always been a hard issue for countries to be able to provide employment for the teeming population of graduates; this being the case, it will always be tragic for a purported graduate not to have mastered his field of study or ways of making him/herself saleable.

Many people miss out on job opportunities because they do not have the right knowledge on how to handle job interviews in their areas of interest. Basically, I will be talking about how to prepare/undertake law firm interviews by lawyers who look forward to working with a particular firm of their choice.

As stated earlier, there are already numerous cases of unemployment in the world. Law as a profession with prestige attracts a lot of people who eventually proceed to study it in the university; thus, leading to a high turnout of law graduates who in turn seek for jobs. Also, there are still lawyers who are willing to migrate from one law firm to another.

Because of all these, there are usually massive numbers of job seekers with reduced numbers of vacancies/jobs and thus, it has become paramount that one has to research and master  the ways of having a topnotch interview with his/her potential employer which will go a long way in determining his chances of getting the job.

how to prepare for law firm interviews
how to prepare for law firm interviews

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How to prepare for law interviews

There are some outlined steps to help you in your next law firm interview. These steps are:

Emphasize your greatest achievements:

As you go for your interviews, always remember to highlight your greatest career stories/achievements in your curriculum Vitae (CV). This will go a long way in convincing your potential employer that you are productive, capable and the right person for the job.

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Align your experiences with the role:

Make sure that your outlined experiences/achievements are in line with the role you are seeking for. You don’t really need to state all your career achievements, this could be boring. Find a way to fit in your previous experiences which are related with the present role you are seeking for.

questions asked in a law firm interview
questions asked in a law firm interview

Be conversant with the updates and recent happenings in your area of aspiration:

It is highly advised that before you step out for an interview that you take the pain of researching about all the important and latest developments in the area you are applying for. This will convince the interviewer that you are inquisitive to learn and improve, and that you are abreast with what is happening in your area. This can be achieved by joining many related online conversations and groups.

Prepare your questions and answers:

As you make to go for your interviews, create or have some questions which are related to the role you are seeking. This could make you look clever and interested and it feels good. Also, remember that it is not good to answer in the negative when asked to ask any question. However, as you go ahead to frame your questions, also have the answers in case the interviewer requests for your opinion on the matter.

Dress appropriately:

It is advised that you err in surplusage than in lack in terms of your dressing while attending a law interview. Try your best to dress smartly and also find the appropriate dress that suits the interview you are attending. In case you are unsure about the dress code, why not ask questions before you embark on your interview, because there is a saying that ‘one is addressed the way he/she is dressed.

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Be confident:

While preparing for law interviews, you need to strongly convince yourself that you can do it; this will go a long way to boost your confidence. One thing that confidence does for you is that it makes you conversational, that is, not being too mechanical. It will be a bad idea to show your interviewer that he or she is forcefully extracting information from you being a result of fear.

In conclusion, remember to send a thank you note or letter to your interviewer; this is very important as it could go a long way to reiterate your interest in the job. Thank you notes or letters are usually used to restate your strongest selling points or to correct the areas that you feel you made mistakes during the interview. You don’t need to presume that since you have written down everything in your CV, that there is no more need for adding it in your thank you letter.

A thank you letter should contain a brief appreciation of the interviewer for his or her time, then you go ahead to state the reason why you need and are suitable for the job (Your reason here should be reasonable and at the same time not showing desperation), you go ahead to show your willingness to meet and provide further information if need be, then you add your phone number.

Trust me, with all these in application, your next interview would be your last law interview since you have become informed and knowledgeable in this area.

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