How to Pass Post UTME Examination: 2020/2021 Post UTME Guide

Post UTME Examinations are fast approaching and many students are already scared, seeking for tips on how to pass post UTME examination from the internet, friends, teachers and scholars. This is a very crucial time because it is the only time when students have to plan their success or failure for the impending post UTME screening. Obviously, anything they do now will go a long way to either increase their chances of success or totally jeopardise it.

For this reason, i compiled some relevant tips that can help candidates all over Nigeria to prepare for the post UTME examination this year. Those who are able to see this article before their post UTME screening should be greatful but don’t forget to share this article to as many post UTME candidates as you know. This article is going to be mind blowing and so I recommend that every post UTME candidate should read this work painstakingly.

how to pass post UTME examination
how to pass post UTME examination

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Facts you should know about Post UTME Examinations in Nigeria

  1. Post UTME Examinations was introduced into the Nigerian Education System by tertiary institutions as a way of knowing the actual performance of aspirants before offering them admission.
  2. Nowadays, post UTME and Direct Entry examinations are not only seen as a way of testing candidates but a requirement for gaining admission.
  3. Post UTME Examination is different from JAMB UTME because while JAMB UTME is conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), post UTME examination is conducted by schools in Nigeria.
  4. In most tertiary institutions, post UTME examination is usually CBT (Computer based test), but it is not always so because some universities still conduct handwritten examinations.
  5. There is no one-size-fit method for pass post UTME examination because the technique used by one institution may not be used by another institution.
  6. Not all the institutions in Nigeria conduct post UTME screening, thus that some schools that don’t sell post UTME form up till today.
  7. Usually, post UTME questions are pick from JAMB past questions and answers or post UTME previous questions. This make past questions a wise tip to pass post UTME examinations.
  8. Institution that conducts post UTME examinations usually release a particular cutoff for candidates that wishes to participate in the examination. Those who did not meet the required cutoff mark will be strongly advised not to participate in the examination.

Materials needed to prepare for post UTME

Below are the things you need to prepare and pass post UTME screening:

How to prepare for post UTME examination
How to prepare for post UTME examination

Previous post UTME questions of the institution

In as much as post UTME examinations are conducted differently by schools, it is very important to have the past post UTME questions and answers from that your dream school. Just like I noted in my article on how to pass JAMB; almost every examination board in Nigeria repeats their previously asked questions and post UTME is not an exception.

JAMB UTME past questions

Another essential material you need to pass post UTME examination in Nigeria is to purchase JAMB past questions and answers for the subjects you are supposed to take in the post UTME screening and prepare assiduously with them.

A study plan

If you don’t have a sketch of your reading timetable and success plan, you should better get one before I proceed to teach you have to pass post UTME examination. A study plan is a well constructed timetable that will help you to cover lots of topic before your examination.

Detailed explanation of how post UTME examinations are conducted in your dream school:

Just like I have stated already, post UTME examination is difficult for every institution in Nigeria so you need to know what the examination entails in your dream school. Take for instance, in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), post UTME screening is largely based on JAMB past questions and answers. Accordingly, candidates can only be asked questions from subjects they took in JAMB examination.

But it is not so for UNIZIK, ABU, UNILAG or UI. In some of these institutions, question concerning the current affairs of Nigeria can even be asked in post UTME examination.

So you see, it is very essential to understand how post UTME examinations are conducted in your dream school. That will help you to know what step to take to pass the examination.

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How to pass post UTME examination

Below are the tips to prepare and pass post UTME screening

1. Reset your mind

Post UTME Examination is not very different from other kinds of examination in Nigeria. It is far easier than JAMB and WAEC examination and that is why you need a new mindset. Don’t just think it is a different examination by a different examination board like JAMB and WAEC. Most times, Post UTME examination questions are drawn from both WAEC and JAMB previous questions.

To pass post UTME you need to encourage yourself by telling yourself that you can pass the examination with even better grades, unlike what you had in the previous JAMB CBT.

If you had a low score in JAMB, take your post UTME examination as a way of improving in those subjects that you didn’t perform very well. By doing this, I ensure you that you will pass the examination with awesome grades this year!

Steps to pass 2020/2021 post UTME screening
Steps to pass 2020/2021 post UTME screening

2. Kill the fear

Fear is something that we all can’t possibly run away from especially when examinations like this is drawing close. But you must kill the fear if you really want to pass. One thing you must understand is the fact that nobody can possibly pass any examination with fear even after reading.

You must learn to keep negative mindsets away from you. Forget about what people are saying about that your school. Post UTME is not hard at all. You just have to prepare very well and put everything in the hands of God.

Some people will tell you that post UTME examinations in UNN, UI, UNIBEN, AAU, UNILAG etc is very difficult, but the truth is that, preparation matters in every examination. If you fail to prepare very well, you will find the examination difficult. On the other hand, if you prepare very well, it will be easy for you to pass the examination.

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3. Make proper enquiry about Post UTME examination in your dream school

The next and post important thing to do is to make proper enquiry about Post UTME examinations in your dream school. Try to find out how the examination is conducted, number of questions usually asked in the examination and the recommended textbooks (if any) that aspirants should use for preparation.

I have already stated it several times in this article that post UTME examination is different for every school. While UNN may be conducting a computer based examination, UNILAG may not be doing such.

This is basically why I am of the view that aspirants should make proper enquire about their school so that they can pass the impending exam.

4. Start with Past Questions and Answers

I can’t emphasize the importance of past questions and answers enough. It is the key for passing any examination these days. Most examination board no longer have the time to start asking new questions in their examination. So, they repeat questions from previous years.

This is a normal thing in Nigeria and other parts of the world. If you really want to pass post UTME examination this year, it is a must to get past questions and answers.

The truth is that, past questions and answers does not only expose you to likely question that will come out in the main examination. They also help you to know how questions are structured in an examination you have not written before.

5. Outline your syllabus

Almost all the schools in Nigeria today does not have a particular syllabus for post UTME examination so students who always depend on syllabus may find it difficult to prepare without a structured syllabus.

Well, if you are one of those, you don’t need to worry much because you can still get a structured syllabus by reading your past questions and answers very well.

Now the question is, “how to get post UTME syllabus?” The answer is simply and I am going to share it with you here.

While reading your past questions and answers, simply try to find out the topics from which most of the questions were picked from and write down those topics in a book. Do the same thing for three previous years and you will have a list of topics to read in every subject so as to pass your exam.

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6. Learn time management

Time is another important factor you must also put into consideration. First and foremost, you are supposed to make proper enquire about the time usually allotted for post UTME examination in your dream institution.

Schools that does not conduct post UTME
Secrets to pass post UTME

After doing that, you have start working on you ability to fully utilize the time allotted for the examination. This part will be difficult and you might want to skip it, but I advise you not to do so.

Time is important in every examination, especially those that are computer based. Consequently, it is essential to learn how to fully utilize your time before taking the post UTME screening of your dream school.

7. Get a reading partner

Several times I have heard people who testified that they were able to pass their examination because of the help of their reading partners and I think it is a cool idea for those who has not written any post UTME screening before.

If you can get someone who is also taking the same post UTME screening with you, that will even be better because the both of you are after the same aim.

Meanwhile, if you are unable to get any person to join you in studying, don’t hesitate to join legit post UTME groups on Facebook. Trust me, there are thousands of groups about Post UTME you can join on Facebook that will help you to prepare extensively for your exam.

One of the advantages of joining groups or getting a partner is the fact that you will learn from the knowledge and experience of other candidates who may have written the examination before.

8. Study to understand

When you must have gotten your past questions and answers for post UTME in your dream school and all the recommended past questions and answers, take your time to go through them so that you can understand.

Yes! Schools usually repeat questions but that doesn’t mean they will repeat it word-to-word. You need to understand the questions you see in your past questions and answers.

This is why i also advise that past questions and answers should help you while reading. Don’t just read only your past questions and answers and expect to see those exact questions in the examination hall.

If you are able to understand anything you read very well, no matter how the questions are restructured or reconstructed from previously asked ones, you will definitely identify them and answer them correctly.

How to study for Post UTME screening
How to study for Post UTME screening

9. Prepare for the worst

Post UTME Examinations are not conducted by any particular examination board in Nigeria. Universities just use it to test the capability of their aspirants so that they can offer admission to only the best candidates.

Because of this, there is no ultimate guide for post UTME examinations. Schools are like to come up with anything that can throw you off balance in the examination hall. That is why you must prepare for the worst.

Don’t allow yourself to be taken by surprise because that will give you an extra year to stay at home. Make sure you make proper enquiries, answer easy questions first during the examination, avoid anything that will implicate you, follow simple instructions during the examination and don’t forget to pray before you start.

In conclusion, i don’t want you to think that post UTME examination is easier than JAMB because it isn’t. Don’t joke with post UTME examination if you really want to gain admission because it is now a requirement for gaining admission into almost all the institutions in Nigeria.

Again, I must restate it clearly that every university has different ways of conducting post UTME. Thus, it is advisable to go to do thorough research about the institution you which to gain admission into and find out more information about the examination. That will go a long way to help you past post UTME screening for your school this year.

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