How to Pass JAMB: 2021/2022 JAMB Examination Guide

How to pass JAMB examination: It is truism that many students usually fail JAMB examination because it is a CBT examination with limited time for candidates to answer all their questions. That notwithstanding, the time factor is not the only reason why many students fail JAMB examination. In my opinion, the main reason why many students fail JAMB is because they don’t know the simple tactics used by JAMB. Believe it or not, it is possible to read and still fail JAMB examination. It has happened to thousands of students in the past so reading is also not the only thing a student should do to pass JAMB examination currently.

According to one of the top officers in JAMB office (Abuja) who I met before writing this article, he said that: “Passing JAMB examination depends solely on how prepared you are before the examination and your strategy for approaching questions”.

When I asked him to explain more about the “strategy“, he told me a lot of things that most JAMB candidates don’t even think of while preparing for JAMB. Well, if you reading this article before the impending JAMB examination, then consider yourself lucky because I am going to share with you everything I know about JAMB examination.

I strongly advise you not to leave this page until you finish reading this work. Accordingly, make sure you practice everything shared in this article if you really want to smash JAMB with 300 and above. Don’t just read and sit down for magic to happen on the day of your examination.

Above if a wonderful video on how to pass JAMB examination this year! I personally recommend that you watch the above video before we continue.

how to pass jamb examination
how to pass jamb examination

5 facts you should know about JAMB examination

  1. JAMB is the examination body that is responsible for conducting UTME examination into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It was established in and was given its mandate in
  2. JAMB UTME examination is one of the easiest and difficult examinations for students in Nigeria. It is difficult for candidates that did not prepare very well before taking the exam. Accordingly, it is easy for those that prepare and work smartly to pass the examination.
  3. It is possible to pass JAMB examination by reading past questions and answers. This is so because about 70% of questions asked in JAMB examinations these days are picked from the ones asked in previous years.
  4. JAMB is a Computer Based Examination (CBT). Thus, candidates will not be required to come with any Gadget (including mobile phones and wrist watches) into examination centers.
  5. There is no way to upgrade score after writing JAMB examination. After registering and writing JAMB examination, it is impossible for anyone to temper with JAMB’s database.

Material required to prepare for JAMB examination

Materials to pass jamb
Materials to pass jamb

Below are the materials you will definitely need to prepare for the impending JAMB UTME examination:

JAMB syllabus current syllabus

To pass JAMB examination, you need JAMB syllabus. The truth is that, most students don’t even care much about JAMB syllabus because they think JAMB is using it to make more money for themselves. Well, that is a big fallacy. JAMB does not release syllabuses just to make money. It is meant to give candidates clues on how to answer and prepare for UTME questions.

So, if you really want to pass the impending JAMB examination, make sure you get your syllabus and study with it. Trust me; this will go a long way to help you pass the impending JAMB examination.

JAMB past questions and answers

I have stated already that it is very possible to pass JAMB UTME examination with only JAMB syllabus if you use it properly. That is not a Joke. JAMB past questions and answers are more than essential. You need it for many reasons but I will explain more on it as we continue.

JAMB recommended English textbook

If you have been planning to throw away or dump your JAMB English textbook, your are making your chances of passing the impending JAMB examination more difficult. To pass the impending JAMB 2020/2021 examination you need your English textbook. As we continue, i will explain to you how to study the book faster to pass JAMB.

A notebook

If you enjoy jotting down while studying, then you need a separate notebook for everything that concerns JAMB. This notebook will help you to note down salient points when reading any subject.

How to pass JAMB

To prepare and pass the impending JAMB examination, kindly the tips shared below:

1. Prepare you mind to pass

The first and most important step to take if you want to pass the impending JAMB examination is to prepare your mind to pass the examination. Make up your mind to do anything within your power to pass the examination. It will be difficult for you to do this especially if as a student who has other things to attend to. But If you can do this, then you are already half way your success.

Of course, you are definitely going to hear stupid things that will try to put fear in you. Some people will make you lose confidence in yourself even before you register for the examination.

The only way you can defeat fear for JAMB is if you make up your mind and put in everything you can to pass the examination. Believe me, this will go a long way to help you pass the impending JAMB UTME examination.

2. Set your score

After you must have made up your mind to pass JAMB examination and put everything you can to pass the examination, the next thing you should do is to set a score for yourself. Many candidates see this as trivial and an unnecessary Ideology, but is it a working tips that can help you pass the impending JAMB examination excellently.

The truth is that, by setting a score for yourself, you will be able to work harder so that you can meet that score. Aside from that, setting a score for yourself will force you to make plans on how approach questions during JAMB examination.

I highly recommend this point because it helped me when I took my first and only JAMB examination in 2017. I believe it will help may JAMB candidates out there too.

secret of passing jamb
secret of passing jamb

3. Get the right materials and use them properly

At the beginning of this article, i mentioned and explained the material needed to prepare and pass JAMB examination. Those are actually the general material. Aside from the above, JAMB usually give a list of recommended textbooks in each syllabus for every subject, and I advise you to get those textbooks if you can.

It is not only important that you get the right materials, because that can cause you harm if you fail to use them properly.

Thus, you must learn to use your materials effectively. Take for example; when reading JAMB syllabuses, candidates are not required to just study it alone. The syllabus must be read together with textbooks that explains the topics contained in the syllabus.

how can I pass jamb with 300+
how can I pass jamb with 300+

4. Take note of key points while reading

I have said it time and again, JAMB examination is not like WAEC, NECO or GCE examination that is handwritten. Thus, the way to prepare for JAMB is actually different. JAMB is a CBT and questions are not just asked to sure that candidates know the entire topic from which the question was picked; questions are asked to be sure that candidates know the key points or elements in the topic.

JAMB will never ask you to “list and explain” or “describe” any term. It is a CBT examination so there is no room for that. If you really want to pass the impending JAMB examination, you must focus on keywords. Don’t just read to understand, but read and note down the key points in every topic.

5. Study JAMB past questions and answers

The importance of JAMB past questions and answers cannot be over emphasied. It is more very pivotal to read your past questions and answers properly before taking JAMB examination. I know many candidates will not take this really serious, but I am going to explain my reasons for saying this.

In 2016 (the year before I took JAMB examination), JAMB repeated 97% of the questions asked in 2015. This was done in almost all the subjects including Use of English.

Those who read JAMB past questions and answers before 2016 JAMB examination saw this as blessing from God, but those who didn’t, saw it as a normal examination.

Aside from the case that happened in 2016, there has been report from other education blogger in Nigeria like me that JAMB repeats more that 60% of its questions every year.

Following from this, it is evident that past questions and answers are very important to pass JAMB examination easily. But while reading your JAMB past questions and answers, do not make the mistake of cramming questions. Try as much as possible to understand the questions so that you will be able to answer them when you see them in another form.

6. Take JAMB Mock examination

If you are not planning to take JAMB more explanation, you better start making plans especially if you are new to JAMB. Doing this will help you to familiarize yourself with the way questions are asked in the main examination.

Aside from this, there are also speculations that JAMB usually repeat mock questions in the main exam. So if you are able to participate in JAMB mock exam, you already ahead of other JAMB candidates. Well, i do not know how true that speculation is anyway. The truth is that, JAMB mock examination can go a long way to help candidates pass the main examination.

7. Learn to manage your time

Time management is another key factor every JAMB candidate must consider because failure to do so may also lead to failure in JAMB examination. Over the years, i have noted that JAMB Apps usually help in things like this. You can simply checkout any of the good looking and quality JAMB app with a timmer and start using it. Even it you necessarily have to pay for it, I recommend that you do so.

Secrets to pass jamb
Secrets to pass jamb

Alternatively, you can also learn how to manage time with your wall clock or stop watch. All you have to do is to pick up your JAMB past questions and answers, set your clock to 2 hours and start answering the questions in the past questions and answers.

8. Ask God for help

Lastly, whether you are a Christian, Traditionalist or a Muslim, you need to ask your God for help. JAMB is more than just preparing and smashing because I know many candidates that prepared hard with me but couldn’t get a reasonable score in their JAMB examination.

So, you need to commit the exam in the hands of God. Ask God to bless your hard work and make it fruitful.

Make sure you pray before entering the examination hall and don’t attempt to cheat during the examination. JAMB is very wise now, if you try to pay your way through, you will definitely be caught and arrested.

Other tips to pass JAMB examination

Come to your examination center on time: Don’t make the mistake of coming to your examination center late because it can put unnecessary fear and tension in you. Try as much as possible to be in your center 1hour or 30 minutes before the time for the examination. When you get to the center, make sure you rest and also revise your books if you can.

Avoid negative thoughts: Avoid anything that causes you to think that it is impossible to meet the score you have set for yourself. If you have friends that plays too much and they don’t motivate you to read, It is time to give that friendship a break. At least, focus on your education for now. After JAMB you can play as much as you can with your friends.

This is how far I can go in explaining how to pass JAMB examination excellently. Nonetheless, with what is have discussed already, I don’t see any reason why you should fail the impending JAMB examination. Trust me; if you read everything contained in this page carefully and put them into practice, you will pass your JAMB examination with not less that 300. You have my words.

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