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Readers of this website who wishes to contact the executives of learnersnews for any reason should kindly read this page carefully as it contains detailed information on how our visitors can reach us. We promise to reply every message sent to us within 24 hours as long as it is not spammy. Below are the ways through which our users can contact us.

Contact us
Contact us

Physical Address

15 Bishop Anyogu Street
Uwani, Enugu State


+2347067707546 (Whatapp)


Lastly, users can make use of the contact form below for a faster and easier way of getting in touch with us.

Users are to note the following

All messages sent to us using the information above will be replied before the next 24 hour from the time we received the mail.

Users who intend to publish guest posts or sponsored articles are advised not to use the use the information above to contact us. Kindly check our advertisement page to find out the person in charge of that office.

Users who wishes to connect with us in any of our offices are strongly advised to, first of all, put a call to the CEO of learnersnews or any other staff using the details above.

For more information about this website, read out ABOUT US and PRIVACY POLICY here.